Employee Capacity Planning: Maximising Productivity with Technology Tools

In today’s fast-moving business environment, maximising employee productivity is critical for achieving business success. However, it can be challenging for managers to accurately determine employee capacity and workload. Overloaded employees can become burnt out and unproductive, while underutilised employees are a waste of valuable resources.bIn this article, we will explore the challenges that managers face […]

To 4-day week or not to 4-day week

On the back of a six-month experiment where 30 companies will implement a 4-day work week in South Africa, the question on everyone’s minds is, “will employees still be productive?” Globally experiments have been positive in terms of performance and the wellbeing of employees. Companies are also supporting their workforce with productivity tips, better time management tools […]

Managing in a virtual working environment

In the past few years millions of employers have adapted to a virtual working environment with more continuing to do so, and the need to track team progress has never been more apparent as virtual and hybrid workspaces become the norm. Managing a remote workforce is not a simple process, especially where managers are not […]