Better understand

your people to help them reach their potential

Better understand

your people to help them reach their potential

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What Is WorkStatz?

WorkStatz is a cloud-based productivity and efficiency software tool that silos daily activities into easy-to-read departmentalized reports.

Our software provides objective insights into working habits and productivity patterns of your employees based on computer use. It provides powerful data that both protects the interest of employees and promotes positive engagement between employer and employee.

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WorkStatz Enables You To

Keep people performing productively to fulfill the business objectives.

Ensure tools and systems are being adopted and used to fulfill employees job requirements.

Ensure people are organized in the most effective and efficient manner.

Activities Tracked

Why WorkStatz?

Get visibility into employee working patterns to improve the business.

Real-time management – of remote and in-office employees – is possible only if we have true oversight and visibility of where they are spending focus time. With visibility you become a positive enabler of your team’s successes!

Employees need the flexibility of remote working, recognition and work-life balance; the business needs employees to be accountable, effective and productive. The solution: Visibility via WorkStatz.

Dashboards show which employees and teams have available capacity, who is overworked, who are the real superstars, who needs help or are slacking, which systems are causing work bottlenecks, who poses a security risk and more.