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How Employee Monitoring/Productivity Software Is A Vital Tool To Assist You With Team Performance

The world of work as we know it is changing rapidly. Companies today are faced with a number of management challenges. The pace of work has increased as companies are under pressure to deliver, as a manager you need to stay on top of a growing remote workforce as well as ensure the productivity of all employees – whether they are at the office or working from home.

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  • How productivity and efficiency – and business success – is driven by people, process, and technology (PPT) and the impact of monitoring/productivity tools
  • Insights on common workplace challenges  – work-life balance, capacity, time management, micromanagement, performance  managemment, privacy and security,  and adoption of company systems.
  • Objective and subjective management and its role in employee productivity
  • The legality of employee monitoring tools and transparency
  • The vital steps needed to implement employee monitoring tools effectively
  • Business use cases for these tools
  • The benefits of employee monitoring tools and getting employee buy-in
  • How these tools work and are implemented
  • The manager and using data responsibly
  • How to discover team and employee work trends

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