Case Studies


Employee productivity soars by 60% due to objective insights

A pressing issue emerged for Stereophonix when it was discovered that employees were diverting their work computers for non-work-related activities, resulting in a noticeable dip in productivity.

WorkStatz Streamlines Operations and Enhances Accountability at New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies provides a diverse range of learning and development services and faced a critical need to guarantee the precision of time tracking in relation to their performance objectives.

WorkStatz becomes valuable management tool for insurance company

With a head office in Midrand, satellite offices in Durban and Cape Town, and 52 employees working at home, FSP sought out different management tools to support the business.

Workstatz helps Ecentive better manage employees and assets

eCentive’s management required an online, comprehensive tool to have visibility into employee’s online activity, which they did not have, opening the company to have its time and assets misused or

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