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WorkStatz becomes valuable management tool for insurance company

FSP Solutions is a vibrant, successful, and innovative company in the short-term insurance sector offering solutions for both individuals and businesses. The company was founded in 2003 and has established a successful national distribution footprint. With their own robust IT
infrastructure and system, called Myriad, FSP allows partners to outsource various functions to them at reasonable costs achieved through scale and efficiency.

The problem

With a head office in Midrand, satellite offices in Durban and Cape Town, as well as 52 employees working at home due to the pandemic, FSP sought out different management tools to support the business. Previously managers could monitor employees in their call centre as they displayed dashboards with workflow and calls on screens where they could examine productivity statistics. Covid and lockdown changed that, and the company had to find an alternative management tool.

The Solution

After thorough market research and a lengthy period of POC, they selected WorkStatz to assist with monitoring employees working remotely. After FSP researched various programs, they selected WorkStatz because it had a “simple” look and feel and was easy to manage and follow. In addition, the testing phase could be installed successfully – unlike some other systems they tested. They were looking for a stand-alone system that would not necessarily be integrated with existing systems – although WorkStatz can easily do that – FSP felt WorkStatz was the right fit to suit their needs. WorkStatz has become a valuable “assistant” for management to ensure staff availability, as well as productivity. With the permission of the staff, the tool was installed; employees are fully aware that their movements on the laptop / PC are being monitored.

The Challenges

The company had some issues around Internet availability in different areas for some employees, however this was quickly resolved. Also, FSP had older versions of software that was not compatible. “However, WorkStatz staff went out of their way to ensure that the program could still run-on older versions,” says Retha Botha, Operational Director at FSP Solutions. “Other companies just stated, ‘sorry we cannot assist you’. Because support is available locally, the WorkStatz team were able to assist with help and training around how productivity time was measured to fit the business and employee roles


  • FSP has experienced a marked improvement in productivity
  • WorkStatz provides information to managers about
    what is happening in their departments.
  • Gives managers control over absence from work. If an
    employee is not logged on, they know to follow up and
    get the person back on track.
  • FSP now has an effortless way to control the staff complement in the future.
  • They plan to implement incentives for productivity.
  • Through WorkStatz FSP is able to assist those employees who have been working extra hard, to ensure they do not reach burn-out.
  • FSP can reward true achievers not only by numbers of
    sales, but productivity as well.


“We Received Excellent Assistance And Dedication From The Team To Improve On The Tool And Make It Fit Our Unique Environment. The Service We Received Was Absolutely Phenomenal; The Staff Are Willing To Listen, Assist And Make It Happen! Managers Are Now Managing By ‘Walking Around’ On The Tool Instead Of On The Floor As In The Old Days.”
– Retha Botha, Operational Director At FSP Solutions

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