Business Use Case

Your company may have one of these use cases or all, understanding these will help you clarify why you are using WorkStatz, and enable positive conversations with your employees.

Reach business objectives

In a world of increased competition and dealing with a pandemic, company performance, operational effectiveness and productivity is critical to reach your company’s business objectives. Innovative technology and tools play an integral role in the process of achieving these business goals, as well as maintaining or improving company performance.

Enable IT compliance

When you have multiple teams working in a hybrid environment – remotely and in the office – the challenge is always around ensuring compliance from a security and risk perspective. WorkStatz helps solve issues that minimise risks to the business.

Adoption of company applications and systems

Some employees easily adapt to new technology however most are naturally resistant to change, despite the benefit these technologies provide. Implementing any new technology into your business without the proper preparation can be met with resistance.

Employee wellness – burnout

Employee burnout is a profoundly serious topic because it has a direct result on the mental and physical health of employees. This also affects their performance and an overall decline in productivity of the person involved.

Virtual working

In the past few years millions of employers have adapted to virtual working with more continuing to do so as the pandemic continues. The need to track team progress has never been more apparent as virtual and hybrid workspaces become a reality.

Effective Use of Time

Under normal circumstances time management is an issue that affects everyone and the same is true whether we work remotely or in the office. WorkStatz can help employees positively in their daily work life.

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