Why WorkStatz?

Get visibility into employee working patterns to improve the business

Real-time management – of remote and in-office employees – is possible only if we have true oversight and visibility of where they are spending focus time. With visibility you become a positive enabler of your team’s successes!

Employees need the flexibility of remote working, recognition and work-life balance; the business needs employees to be accountable, effective and productive. The solution: Visibility via WorkStatz.

Dashboards show which employees and teams have available capacity, who is overworked, who are the real superstars, who needs help or are slacking, which systems are causing work bottlenecks, who poses a security risk and more.

Accurate, real-time information supports:

A success culture.

  • Very powerful user KPI report
  • Easily recognise and reward top performers
  • Empower employees to learn and grow
  • Enable better remote working
  • Grow and maintain productivity of teams
  • Discover the way high performing individuals work and benchmark these across teams
  • Easily identify at risk of burnout 

Business efficiency and improvement.

  • Define inefficient business processes and systems
  • Set employee capacity and easily track progress
  • Identify common employee distractions and create a more efficient working environment
  • Identify systems training required in team
  • Make faster data-driven decisions based on fact
  • View the business as a “moving organism” and spot trends
  • Make accurate resource capacity planning and hiring decisions

WorkStatz provides visibility on your people, processes and technologies and gives you greater ability to:

  • Enable better remote management
  • Identify training needs by user and department
  • Discover the way high performing individuals work and benchmark these across teams
  • Quickly identify areas where greater management intervention is needed to achieve set outcomes
  • Prevent burnout in people who are working hard on the wrong things or with the incorrect processes
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks in systems quickly and easily
  • Manage new process implementation simply and easily
  • Identify previously unrecognised contributors to company achievements
  • Retain top talent by being able to react to job searches or slumps in activity earlier
  • Take proactive action to minimise internal security risks