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Employee productivity soars by 60% due to objective insights

With two decades of expertise, Stereophonix stands out as a leading contributor to the industrial packaging industry, excelling in both corrugated boards and flexible packaging solutions. Renowned for their utilisation of cutting-edge technology, the company consistently delivers top-quality solutions to its clients.


The Problem

In light of Stereophonix’s status as a small business, the productivity of every employee is paramount in ensuring the company maintains exceptional service levels. A pressing issue emerged when it was discovered that employees were diverting their work computers for non-work-related activities, resulting in a noticeable dip in productivity—a problem with the potential to significantly impact the company’s profitability.

Stereophonix became aware of WorkStatz and its track record of enhancing productivity in other companies. Encouraged by this success, they decided to approach the WorkStatz team for assistance.


The Solution

WorkStatz proved to be an ideal solution for Stereophonix. The software offered objective insights into employees’ work habits and productivity patterns, all based on their computer usage. WorkStatz presented these insights through easily comprehensible graphs, equipping the printing company with the productivity statistics necessary for making informed decisions and fostering crucial workplace discussions.


Overcoming Challenges

Stereophonix recognised the importance of transparency during the implementation of WorkStatz. By holding an open meeting with employees to explain the reasons behind implementing the software, they successfully minimised resistance to its adoption.


The Benefits

Increased Productivity: Employee productivity has witnessed an astounding 60% boost.

Enhanced Focus: Employees can no longer misuse company PCs, resulting in improved concentration on their work.

Reduced Micromanagement: WorkStatz empowers management to monitor employees’ activities without resorting to excessive micromanagement.


According to Ashleigh Booysen, Operations Manager at Stereophonix, “The service we have received from WorkStatz has been fantastic; the team assists us with all our questions and queries promptly. Their personalised approach—such as notifying us via email when a computer is offline for an extended period—keeps us informed at all times.”

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