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Workstatz helps Ecentive better manage employees and assets

eCentive provides an innovative software solution for retailers including franchises and independent stores to manage the entire incentive and marketing development fund process that provides rewards to retailer’s staff, agents or third parties. They provide a single, easy-to-use platform with automated pre-approval, claim submission and reimbursement process, freeing both marketers and program participants form the administrative burdens of incentives and their management.

The Problem

eCentive’s management required an online, comprehensive tool to have visibility into employees’ online activity, allowing them to manage their 20+ employees’ work performance and company assets. Having no visibility of how employees used their time, computers, applications, internet connectivity or even what data they could copy onto USB, meant that eCentive was open to having its time and assets misused or abused.

The Solution

eCentive’s Head of IT, Allan van Staden recommended WorkStatz, a cloud-based software tool that would allow the company to better understand the online activity of their teams with easy-to-understand graphs and reports on a single dashboard. Now eCentive is able to drive business efficiency and improvements of the team.

The Benefits

  • eCentive management is able to monitor work assets and staff a lot better.
  • Employees are cognisant of the fact that office time and work assets should be used to perform their work-related duties.
  • Misuse or abuse of time and assets is mitigated.
  • Greater visibility of staff activities.

  “We Now Have Much Better Control And Monitoring Of Staff And Assets,” Says Bronwynn Futcher, Head Of Operations At ECentive. “The Service We Received Was Great. The Roll Out Of WorkStatz Was Quick And The System Is Simple And Easy To Use. The Team Is Always Quick To Resolve Any Concerns/ Questions Or Queries We May Have, And They Are Continually Advancing Their Platform, So We Look Forward To Growing Together In The Future.”

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