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WorkStatz Streamlines Operations and Enhances Accountability at New Leaf Technologies

New Leaf Technologies, with office locations in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch, employs a distributed remote workforce, including employees based in South African cities and overseas. Approximately half of their workforce operates remotely, with a strong focus on their customer services department, comprising 20 to 30 employees. New Leaf primarily specialises in eLearning content development and faced challenges in tracking time accurately and reporting to meet performance targets.


The Problem

New Leaf Technologies provides a diverse range of learning and development services, with a specific focus on eLearning content development. The company faced a critical need to guarantee the precision of time tracking in relation to their performance objectives. Many of their service tasks, particularly eLearning content development, involve detailed time tracking, and the absence of accurate reports on task durations was a significant issue. Additionally, New Leaf aimed to transform productivity into a measurable performance metric and gain visibility into the efficiency and productivity of their remote workforce.


The Solution

New Leaf Technologies turned to WorkStatz, an employee efficiency monitoring software, to address these challenges. The implementation of WorkStatz was seamless, taking just a week to set up and begin receiving data. The company received exceptional post-sales support, with prompt and friendly assistance from the WorkStatz team. Their proactive approach to customer success and impressive response time has made them a valuable partner for New Leaf Technologies.


The Benefits

New Leaf Technologies experienced several benefits from implementing WorkStatz:

  • Improved productivity and enhanced time tracking accuracy
  • Enhanced transparency in operations, particularly in the customer services department
  • Employees became more accountable for how they spent their time at work
  • Better management of resource planning
  • Accurate reporting to customers

New Leaf Technologies envisions further improvements in their operations with WorkStatz, including:

  • Enhanced consistency in the customer services department
  • Greater flexibility in reporting
  • Integration with other platforms through APIs to streamline internal workflows
  • The ability to connect time spent on tasks to specific job codes for better data management and resource planning


“WorkStatz has offered very prompt and friendly assistance to us, they check in often and make sure we’re comfortable with all of the features. They take customer success seriously and it’s been very refreshing to work with a company who are proactive with their post-sales service support. Their response time is amazing, and they have continued to support us along our journey.”  Michael Hanly – Managing Director

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